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Free Guitar Lessons

and Free Guitar Concerts

All Ages are Welcome!

Guitars and Music are Provide Free

If you have a guitar, do bring it

Wednesdays 6-6:30 Beginning January 10, 2024

Register By Leaving Your Name and Cell Phone #

at 815-342-6064

A Gift for you from…

Calvary Lutheran Church

Meeting in the Chapel of Emmanuel Lutheran Church

920 Third Avenue Rockford IL 61104

Enter the West Calvary Door

Worship Sundays 9 a.m.

History of Calvary Free Guitar Lessons

1 Free Guitar began at Calvary in September, 2017.


2 Free guitar’s mission is to bring music to the most impoverished children. We reach them by regularly going door-to-door in our neighborhood, one of the poorest in the state of Illinois. We also advertise in local newspapers.


3 Guitars have been donated, or purchased as inexpensively as possible. Some have been of poor quality. After a student has had ten lessons, they are welcome to choose any guitar Calvary has to keep permanently. Because of the poor quality of some instruments and the gifting of instruments, we always need quality guitars.


4 From the first lesson on, all music taught is Christian praise music. Some songs are from our Evangelical Lutheran Worship. It’s been a good challenge to develop one, two and three chord songs.


5 Many of the adults who come attend no church, and would not otherwise enter a church. But Free Guitar is giving them a highly motivating reason to come – and when they do, we praise God together.

-Pastor Chuck Olson

































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