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Take to Heart

July 2021- Dec 2021


Points to "Take to Heart" from Sunday July 25, 2021

One Body

Acts 2:41

July 25th, 2021


I have been loving our sermons on Inventing Church. We’ve been looking at the very first believers, and discovered that that they…


Worship – instruct by the Apostles – fellowship – and evangelize. They WIFE.


Now look at the beginning of all of this. On that first Pentecost day, Peter spoke,


And those who gladly received his word were baptized,

And that day about three thousand souls were added to them.


So they – and we - are different from anyone else – we are baptized. Martin Luther explains.

We call a child devout who is born of upright parents,

 Who obeys them and is like them in every respect.

Such a child rightfully possesses and inherits property and the name of the parents. Thus we Christians, through rebirth in our baptism,

Became children of God. If we pattern ourselves after our Father,

And all his ways, and all his goods and names

Are likewise ours forever.


So we are different from any other – we are God’s children. So like those first believers we…

Share with each other everything we own

Pray for each other

Eat together




Points to "Take to Heart" from Sunday July 11, 2021


Acts 4:33

July 11th 2021


Last time I told you about my 8-year-old Izzy riding a bike without training wheels. Yesterday she and I had our first bike ride together ever. Yay! So I’m yelling, Stay to the right…slow down at the intersection…turn left!

WHAT a learning experience!

SO is our faith – but how do we become wise guys?

Remember - When Jesus ascended to heaven there were 120 believers. Then the Spirit invades the world, and transforms believers.

Peter speaks, and ends with… –

Repent and let every one of you be baptized

In the name of Jesus Christ

For the remission of sins,

And you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Now 3,000 believe – and the believers REALLY have to invent the church – the first church – fast! Where do they begin? They grow together…





Worship – instruction – fellowship – evangelizing = WIFE

Our goal is to do each one of these and keep them in balance – regular worship, regular instruction, regular fellowship, regular evangelizing.

Look at instructing.

I read verses from the Good News Bible – and it is such a wonderful, simple Bible. I so recommend it.

Now we have our devotionals the large print Christ in Our Home and The Word in Season. Each one has a thought and a prayer. The Bible verse prepares you for the next Sunday worship. I’d love for you to read the thought, then go back with a pencil and underline key words. You will get so much out of it.

And we have this folder, QT – Twelve Minutes of Peace. At first these three – the Bible, the devotional, and QT - will feel unfamiliar. The more you use them, the wiser in the Lord you will become.

















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